Year 2021 in Rear View

When we began the work on our school in 2018 at Kolkata with the believe that schools play a major role in the improving the lives of its students I never imagined a time were students will not set foot on campus for months and the only way of impart learning will be through a Screen. Like many people, for days, the only mode of communication I had was digital.

2021 has been a most unusual difficult year for everyone and I am no different my-self and like everyone else I had to cope with the difficulties as best I could. With so much time cloistered indoor, I got my-self and my family vaccinated at the first opportunity I got I am still waiting for children vaccination so I could get my Kid vaccinated as well. During the vaccination drive conducted by the government I found a lot of people were not able to get vaccine just because its prices had suddenly shoot-up. I decided to do what little I could by organizing a free vaccination camp and get at least some people who are in desperate need for vaccination but can’t get them because of the price free of cost vaccination.

Lockdowns and digital communications has been a strange and disorienting experience. My personal world has never felt smaller than it did over the last twelve months.

At the same time, this year was a reminder that our world is more connected than ever. And as a community we need to stand and support each other. Every time you looked at the news, you were reminded of just how significantly something happening outside could affect you at home. It’s never been clearer that problems can only be solved with people working together
Collaboration has been a constant theme with my work this year. The school continues to take up the bulk of my time, and I’m amazed by the progress made by our team. Most week when we have meetings with each meeting being focused at different topics It’s inspiring to see how people working together finding solutions.

Although Covid-19 has been a huge road block for us the project continues to make progress. One of the most exciting that has happened was getting our first NOC from the Fire Department. We hope to secure all approvals with related government agencies and start constructing our first phase by early next year (unless some unforeseen circumstance forces us to take a step back)

This year also saw the start of a new chapter in terms of restructuring the existing setup of our Halwasiya Trust. We’ve filed a case so that some of the problems slowing us down and causing constant delays can be tackled more smoothly. I hope that all parties involved can reach an understanding and the work this great foundation has been doing continues without hassle.

Even though I think the things I’ve been working on are by far the most interesting part of my year, my family also experienced a lot of changes with my son, Krishiv, starting school is the highlight of my year.

2021 has been a year of big transitions for me, but it hasn’t changed why I love the work I do.

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