Typewriter and it’s uses

What thrills me about typewriters, is that they are meant to do one thing and one thing only and with the tiniest amount of effort, maintenance, it will last a thousand years

Tom Hanks

I found my father still possess an age old typewriter neatly packed in its box in an office almirah.

I wondered what use would a typewriter have in this day and age of more sophisticated form of writing a laptop or even a smart phone.

So I did what most clueless people of today do I googled it (yes googled is a word now a days) and I found a couple of uses that made sense to me as well

If the drums are the backbone of any rock-and-roll band. The sound of a typewriter is the sound of productivity

Tom Hanks

Use No. 1 – To fill up hard copies of forms and it did made a sense to me. Though most of the forms these day are online and you can just fill it up on acrobat if it’s a pdf file and hit print. But once in a blue moon I do come by hard copies forms that needs to be filled and I have a ineligible handwriting so yes I can use a typewriter for filling up the form

Use No. 2 – To use as a lable maker. It’s easy and less time consuming to just type it out on a sticker and paste it were you want. I still use my computer and printer to print these out but this makes sense

Use No. 3 – To write address on envelope again it’s easy and quick and you don’t have to worry about settings. Size of envelope etc. Just load them up and hit the keys again most of my permanent courier are already typed out and saved on word I just have to hit print

I plan to try these out as soon as I can overhaul the machine it’s been sitting there for at-least a decade and half gathering rust. its in more delipidated condition than I had hoped I don’t know when and if I will get to work on it

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