So many heavy thoughts, So little sleep.

The thread of darkness slowly creep

Slithering around in a coil slowly binding

Into the abyss pulling me in

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Things to look forward this Sunday

  • Solar Eclipse: it’ll only be partially visible in Calcutta. But something is better than nothing, right
  • Summer Solstice: this summer season can only get more hot, more humid, and more much more sweaty. Something definitely not to look forward to
  • Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day, Dad
  • World Yoga Day: Father’s Day and yoga day on the same date is modiji trying to say something
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I tried to implement POSSE features but in all honesty I can’t understand it at all.
I am a simple minded blogger who wants to write using an mobile without any complications
And what I am having problems with is all the different post types can’t be used with the wordpress app.
Ofcourse I can sign into through browser and do it all but it’s not simple
And I want simplistic writing tool which can help me post on my blog

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