To My Friends

I hope and pray you’re all doing well and are safe from this pandemic. I know that I’ve not been in touch with most of you in last decade or so And I’m also unsure if I will be in touch after this give my personality. But to not get in touch to know how my fellows are doing in this pandemic situation would be worst kind behavior and I am just a simple solitarian.

Like everyone in the world even I and my family have been touched by this pandemic. And it made me wonder what could I do to possibly share a slight joy to this dark and gloomy time we all are facing. I found the best way to do that was to share fond memories of time spent in more happier times.

Although most of the time I spent reminiscing is last 3 years since I became a Dad (yes I am astonished too). I suddenly stumbled upon some of my pictures from more carefree days. For those who don’t know I became a father to lovely little bundle of joy (my lil devil) in 2018 another good news that I wish to share is that Krishiv (that’s the kids name) got admission in to school from this year since he turned 3. Although given the situation the poor boy has been in house for past year and we are definitely worry about this. We had started venturing out a little early this year but ended up back in house confinement due to the worsening of pandemic. But he’s my bundle of joy who indefinitely resides upon my nerves.

We all those years back we’ve had our ups and downs but still the memories of all the times spent in your company is a joyful one. I will remember you all in my prayers



Year 2021 in Rear View

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