Things I want my child to do

Things I want my child to do are as endless as universe. Which parent doesn’t want his child to be a good person a good student a good sportsman have a good personality have a good score I mean he’s just to be 3 years old in next April and I already have an endless list of things of which probably most will not materialize as I want it to be but I am sure in one way or the other it will.

My only hope is that I have the vision, the mindset and especially the heart to observe it, recognize it and above all accept it as it happens

Oh just because I wrote about it doesn’t mean that I have them far from it. I have such limited vision that at times I am unable to see what or how my child wants to do or play. My mindset is so narrow that if he doesn’t do the things I want him to do or how I want him to do it doesn’t feel good but I am proud that I have heart enough to accept it as it is

Now a days I am school hunting for him. Yes, it’s that scary time already. We parents do mock interviews with kids pre school advisor bouncing questions that we really don’t have a single clue how to answer.

For example one of the most popular question that pops up is

How do you spend time with your child?

Or some variation like how do you spend your weekends with your child. We prepare, mindstorm, look for loopholes which could lead to possible questions and prepare those an endless cycle One question that really stuck with me was was

What do you wish to see your child doing in 2040?

What i wrote was I wish to see my Child leading a happy normal life. But for some reason this question and my answer stuck with me and became a question for which now I desperately seek answer

Why is it do difficult to live a happy normal life in this day and age

Well it’s going to be a longer post if I get into it in details but in short it’s because of our own self that we find it difficult to live a happy normal life. If you think about it we lack the vision, the mindset and most importantly the heart

Then how does one develop them to be able to lead a life one wants. There are different ways and to each his own but I believe meditation and blogging will help Krishiv to develop those things

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