These students will never finish school

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with the teachers and students of aided high school in a village in West Bengal. In the midst of the day long meeting we were having with students teachers and the administrators of the school a strange remark stuck in my mind

Most of these students will never finish school

I was shocked hearing a teacher make such remarks about their students but the problem remains real. The students dropout before completing because of the financial issues at home. In fact children of low income house hold in a developed or developing city in India has a higher chance of finish school and some even college that those in the villages. the more shocking abnormality is that the financial burden of high tuition or fees is not the culprit as the school I visited is not only free of cost but also provides meals to their students as well as many other facilities like Computer training and vocational training. The students are who drop out are sent to cities to earn money for their family as just one or two sources of income are not enough to make their ends meet.

I have always believed a minimum college degree is important for success on todays job market. But when students are dropping out in school I can hardly imagine to consult about the importance of college. It makes more financial sense to their families to send these children to earn money than to keep them in school. They only send the kids to school when they can’t find a job for them so at least they are not burdened with their meals.

I am looking forward to solution the government comes up to solve this crisis

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