The Man Who Solved the Markets

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Date read : 19.07.2022 – 20.08.2022

The Man who solved the Market, How Jim Simmons Launched the Quants Revolutions by Gregory Zuckerman is a story about how a man at a time when computers were taking lead roles in every other industry except the Financial market used Mathematics and Computers to give investing a completely new directions.

We heard of behemoths like Warren Buffet, Peter lynch, George Soros, who made a lot of money in Stock Market through good old Fundamental Research

The book is lightly written and doesn’t feel like the matter was bloated to fill in the pages. Also un-like most of the biography about stock market expert Jim isn’t portrayed as all knowing expert who can’t go wrong. He’s portrayed as human and as vulnerable to self doubt as the rest of us.

Some parts which talk about a little bit about maths was a bit complicated but all in all the book was fun to read.

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