Greatest Cover Up in History or so it says

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Date Read: 26.06.2021 – 05.07.2021

I don’t intended to reinstate all that has been already said about this book it’s there floating around and is still available. Any one who hasn’t read the book yet should give it a read the book might drag a bit but it is still a fun read

This was my re read of The Da-Vinci Code by Robert Langdon. If I was doing book reviews when I first read this book it’ll probably would have gotten Five Stars. I guess the movie effected me and I found the book a bit tedious by the time I reached the ending part it was more or less like please lets get it over with.

The book felt it dragged on creating suspense where one doesn’t need. No doubt it was fun to read for the first time. I read it for the first time in 2005 and at that time I really liked it. I felt curious reading about the symbols and its meaning so on and so forth for the first time. But after watching the movie and the re-runs of it the charm got lost

There were time where I thought have I really read this book, While most of it were easy to recall there were some parts that I did not remember reading before. It was like Huh were did that came from.

For the first time readers its a fun read but if you have deep religious feelings I’d say bunk it and move on. But if you enjoy reading suspense and treat it as a work of fiction then go ahead. It is also mentioned in the book that most of the suspense regarding the codes and symbols and the grail has been picked up from real life facts. well I am not a preacher and I wanted to enjoy some unique point of view suspense which of course it delivered.

I have already read all of Dan Browns work but I still might pick up and re-read his other works as well

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