The Belgariad Book 1 – Pawn of prophecy by David Eddings

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Date read : 19.07.2022 – 20.08.2022

The book start with the back story of this particular fantasy world and then moves on to main part. Half the book is spent describing ho the protagonist lives a quite life on a farmstead just like any other farmhand leaves you to believe the author was confused as to how he should further develop the book and once he decided there was a whirlwind of event that mildly increases the interest in the book.

I have loved reading high Fantasy book for a while now and I have read some really good ones. and have my favourite in them. However, Belgariad Book 1 – Pawn of Prophecy is not one of them

The book is enjoyable but its doesn’t force me to read the the entire series in one go. It doesn’t leave me hungry for more. I hope to finish the series and I’ll start the second book when I want some light reading but still a long way to go for me to pick up the second book.

I guess I had higher expectations and some thing new but I was disappointed. I might sound harsher than I actually want and as I said earlier I do want to read the other titles in the series but not continuing on this for the moment

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