The beginning of an experiment

A couple of months back I was feeling overwhelmed. With everything that’s been going on in my life it became unbearable. I decided its time to simplify my life.

Why Simplicity

I actually began by looking into Meditation. I am not to much into Guru’s or teachers or instructors that much. So I turned my attention towards google. A couple of days of search on meditation led me to the mindful meditation process which I liked a lot, continuing my search into it led me to the blog of Leo Bababuta. which in turn led me to the concept of Minimalism. I liked the concept of Minimalism but the application of it in its entirety is beyond me. So after digging a bit deeper I settled that a watered down application of minimalism or to put it in another way. A simple lifestyle. I cannot eliminate paper completely but I want to eliminate as much of it as possible. i want to simplify my lifestyle as much as possible

Why Blogging

This was mostly inspired by Cait Flanders and Zen Habits. To breed a new habit one must be able to hold one self accountable, and there is no better way then to start a blog. So this blog is my Journal about my experiments with simplicity. Not only that I have recently ventured into Indie web POSSE (Publish here and syndicate everywhere). So this site will also act as my social web page which will cover a lot of information about me.

Style of Blogging

I don’t want to be an expert. I just want to be a human.

Cait Flanders

this line is the building stone on the style of blogging i wish to use overhere. A fun place to hangout with friends. To open up new browser tabs and visit my blogs would be like walking into my dorm room. Then we’d share life updates, what little bits of advice we had, and both walk away feeling like we’d had a great conversation with a friend. An old style blog that first bloggers used. Not a place for people to shout and be heard

Why two site

This is the most difficult question to answer. I had initially started with my main domain name. then i realized i was’t ready to share everything there yet. I want to keep some parts of the sum separate or to distinguish between professional and personal front. So i decided to go with a different Domain name. as to why hermittree, this blog is in no way a blog to preach religious docrine of any religion the name just struck a chord with me.

Any way this domain has been booked only for a year so if I am satisfied at the end of the year with progress made over here i plan to continue.

In the coming days first I plan to add a couple of Pages which includes what am I doing now and what am i reading these days. An about me page i will not add here at this point of time. Also wirte as much as possible

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