This is an evolving set of philosphy.txt for this blog

  • This blog is not written by an expert. The style of blogging for this will the extremely old style blogging. I am not here to give instructions but to share my experiences and listen and share advice
  • This blog is the only place where i will publish my writings. My hermitage in the jungle of internet. An POSSE (Publish here and syndicate elsewhere)approach of the Indieweb community.
  • What will you find here? The small but important thoughts. The quotes that speak to me. Links to things I read that I feel are important enough to share. And short essays and reviews. I aim for this place to be a reflection of me, my day-to-day life, and the things that interest me. In my mind, that’s what a personal blog should be
  • No Rules, No Title, No Format. As I mentione in my first post. I want it to give a feel of walking into my dorm room (when i had one) and chatting with friends. Some post may not have title like my status updates. This is done to follow the Old style blogging which i advocate. In the earlier times when blogging was still new There were no “rules” about what a post had to look like or be. No titles. No format. Just some thoughts and a bunch of links for the day. This is the feel I’m trying to recapture.
  • How do you link to posts that have no title from your blog? Clicking on the continue reading of any post will direct you to the permalink for that post.

How I Rate Books

One Star

This book was likely a chore to read, and I won’t recommend it. I rarely ever rate a book 1 star.

Two Star

I didn’t enjoy the book, but I finished it because it was readable.

Three Star

It was just okay; It may have been enjoyable, but I probably won’t read it again. I might still recommend it to others

Four Star

The book is an enjoyable read that kept my interest. There might have been a few minor things I didn’t like, but overall it was great.

Five Star

I loved it, and I’ll probably buy it for my collection. Highly recommend

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