Rules for upgrading tools

We should realise stuff as to what they truly are. They are tools to be used by us and not as Status Symbol.

In a post Endorsement: Grinding your coffee by hand Matt Thomas Pointed towards Wendell Berry’s essay Why I am not going to buy a computer I did came across this interesting set of rules I believe would be for upgrading Devices. Although I do use a computer and I intend to keep using one. But I totally agree with the rules for buying or upgrading Devices.

  1. The new tool should be cheaper than the one it replaces.
  2. It should be at least as small in scale as the one it replaces.
  3. It should do work that is clearly and demonstrably better than the one it replaces.
  4. It should use less energy than the one it replaces.
  5. If possible, it should use some form of solar energy, such as that of the body.
  6. It should be repairable by a person of ordinary intelligence, provided that he or she has the necessary tools.
  7. It should be purchasable and repairable as near to home as possible.
  8. It should come from a small, privately-owned shop or store that will take it back for maintenance and repair.
  9. It should not replace or disrupt anything good that already exists, and this includes family and community relationships.

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