Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

Date watched: 21-07-2022,

Rated ***

The movie narrates the real life story of Nambi Narayan who is a rocket scientists I. ISRO. It tells about Dr. Narayan Contribution to development of rocketry in India and how personal tragedy rocked his life and it’s consequences

The movie makers had choosen a good story and the Dr. Narayan deserves all respects and adoration of entire India but i found the movie doesn’t do the justice to that story.

The reason I gave this a 3 star is simply because everyone should watch this movie to know and understand about Dr Narayan A great man indeed.

I am looking forward to reading his book Ready to fire: How India and I survived ISRO spy case. But in all honesty when will I get around to it I am not sure

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