Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life – Book by Diane Tavenner

I started reading this book around mid April, took me a lot of time to finish. how much of a slow reader I am (Sigh)

In this books the Author puts a harsh light on the current education system of American Society. Which to my worst nightmare find true for our Indian education system. Our education system, is a system designed to sort children into winners and losers. It is not a system designed to impart them with knowledge and help them develop habits which will help them to face the real world especially the ups and downs of life.

Since there isn’t a school designed to impart these much needed skill sets its upto the parents to help their children despite sending them through the sorting system. The author suggests various methods used by her in her school summit high to help her students as well her son.

Being a father I hope and pray that I could do the same for my kid.

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