Out the box and into hexagon

From my school days to my childs school admission time (yes, I’ve grown that old) it’s couple of decades apart. And from my elementary school days to my masters degree I’ve seen almost every methodology of imparting education how ever in terms of environment design schools have not have any major changes. Sure they’ve moved on from Blackboard to smartboards added air-conditioning and may be a bit of computing power and started calling it SMART CLASS.

But were these really smart class or just sophisticated box room square or rectangle. So when I was given the responsibility of creating the new age school I decided to start by breaking the proverbial box classroom. I wanted a design that helps in not only with the flow of the students but flow of their sight as well.

And instead of a square box we came up with a hexagonal grid stacking that helped with both.

I wish I could share the design but at this point it’s kind of difficult since we noyet got approval from appropriate municipal corporation

But I do hope to share it at a certain point of time in future.

I also wish to share my journey to becoming somebody who helps facilitate others education and also how far will that journey take me. Will I be able to make full transition from a facilitator of sorts to educator

The image above is an artist impression of the facade of the school I’m trying to build

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