As On 27.12.2021

  • Joined a Gym to get into a better shape
  • Keeping a track of my habit forming
  • Did my first crypto trade
  • how to further develop

As On 25.11.2021

  • How to further develop

As On 10.04.2021

  • Developing where I am going to collect as much history of my family as possible
  • Developing plans of a new age school to be built with radical classroom design.  Hoping it to go through planning to implementation soon

As On 16.03.2021

  • For past couple of months and for the foreseeable future I will be involved in a school project. We hope to provide new gen education at an affordable feesHave closed my tax practice business and am involved with help in transition for my client to the new service providerHopefully will do full time with stock trading based on technical indicators

As On 12/12/2019

  • I’ve recently gone back to stock trading and that what takes most of my time apart from other administrative work I do when handling family business.
  • This blog will also take up my time (I still need to plan something for my primary site)
  • I am currently reading Nothing 🙁

What are you doing now a days? Whenever you meet somebody it’s a staple question that you here. Since this blog is my hermitage in the jungle of the internet. Adding a now page seems
the right thing to do. I am copying it from Patrick Rhone blog page who inturn is inspired from Derek Sivers.

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