Myths of the old

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Date read : 24.10.2022 – 01.11.2022

Myths of the old is the third and final book in tantric of old trilogy by Krishnarjun Bhattacharya. I have read all three books of his and have found them quite interesting.

When I first Bought Book 1 Tantric of Old about six years back I never knew if I will ever finish the series. While I was reading it I had my doubts weather the whole trilogy will ever get published. I had hoped it would and It did.

All through the trilogy with every new book I observed the author’s writing evolved for the better and kept me interested in the series. Now that I have finished reading all three books I feel happy.

One of the main reason I am happy to see all three books published is that I am quite fond of indigenous writers and i like to support them in what little ways I can.

When I started reading this third instalment of I had scant memory of the previous two books but it did-not dampened the fun of reading this book. I do plan to visit the other two books which i already have in my collection soon just to recollect every thing

There were a couple of things I didn’t like and number one on that list is the character inspirations. Many a time through the book I felt he drew inspirations of the characters from already existing main stream publications and found the book lacks novelty in terms of character designs. The second thing I did not like was it was made unnecessarily lengthy may a parts felt unnecessary and were written just to fill the pages made reading a bit cumbersome. it broke the natural flow of the book.

I still support this trilogy and hope the author will build upon his strength and give us more books to enjoy. and of-course this book is a pure easy read when we just want to enjoy the narrative and not bother about minor things which i mentioned in the above paragraph

I hope to write my about the other two books soon. May be make it a part of my reading challenge for the year, we’ll have to wait and see

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