Master of Furies The Firemane Saga book 3

Book Rating

Date read : 24.10.2022 – 01.11.2022

I have read all book by Raymond E. Feist and I try to read his books as soon as it published. by default his books are marked as 5 star rating. but this one left me really disappointed and felt like it kind of ripped off on starwars Force when it described the poer of furies that the Lead Hatu has. This one thing has what truly left me disappointed. Secondly i felt that this book was written in a hurry and doesn’t have the plot development like his other books of magician universe.

This book really left me desiring for more so and I am sad that I have marked it at 3 stars. But I am still looking forward to next instalment of the Firemane Saga. it is hard to leave an author whose books you’ve read and re-read countless time

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