Lights Out Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric

I started this book a while back but couldn’t get the traction needed to finish this book. It’s not that it’s boring or anything like that. It’s written in a manner to capture your imagination from the first chapter itself. It’s not the book it’s definitely me or so I thought.

Pick a simple story… And tell it again, and again and again

Comstock’s media strategy

It seems the media strategy of GE has been adopted by the author as well. They selected the three things that went wrong for GE and repeated it chapter over chapter over chapter in every permutations and combination possible

Those three words are Accounting gimmick, merger and acquisition, divestment (oh my that’s more than 3 words but you get what I mean).

I am not someone who like to say negative things about a book but I couldn’t keep my self from such a great pun that’s sitting right in front of me. The authors aptly warns you with the title “lights out”, that if you read this book it’ll be lights out for you

I’ll continue reading it with hopes of some fresh air I doubt though very much. But since I’ve started reading it, I must finish it. Right now (I am at page 100)

At page 174 on June 9, 2021 I discarded my attempt to finish the book for now.

I hope to return to finish it before the year ends

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