Leg day : working out without a trainer

So my Trainer suddenly left the gym I am currently a member of. I had the opportunity to work with another trainer but I decided to go solo. I know it’ll be a lot more difficult and I will be confused a lot plus I don’t know what i am doing. However I still feel like I have more control over what I am doing than when I was with the trainer

When I was working out with a trainer I was completely dependent on him I just went there, did what I was asked and then I was done with it now that I am all alone and don’t know what to do and researching (it’s a bit too farfetched to be called research) I feel I am more involved in the process.

So, how I do it now that I am working solo simple technology. I’ve downloaded an app on my phone which has all these excercise, workout and plans so I just chose a workout routine from the app and I am currently following the same. There are plenty of website, apps and enormous amount of data on how to build your fitness regime which includes free ones too and just because it’s free it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I am using a free one too and I think it’s pretty good for my needs.

It also helps you to keep track of the excercise you’ve done and what not but I just use it for finding which excercise to do and when

The workout plans that I chose is for five days a week and each day focuses on a different muscle group. Day 1 is chest, day 2 is back day 3 is shoulder, day 4 is leg, day 5 is arms and core. And it continues for 6 weeks.

Now I being a novice I can’t complete the program as it is described and I definitely need to more than six weeks to complete. The plan is of an intermediate level. The reason I chose it this way is to help me gauge my improvement like in next 6 months am I able to finish the entire program. Once I finish the entire program for 6 weeks I will know that I can move to the next level

The other thing I plan to do is keep a track of what I have done daily starting next week. So it’ll keep me in the loop as to how much I have grown or not. I keep getting advice from the trainers on the floor which I plan to incorporate as much as I can. Let’s hope for the best. For example one trainer told m I’ve got stiff joints and need to do some Mobility training so I’ll find some Mobility training to do along with what I am doing

I’ll put up a page which will explain out the entire program. I’ll try and add videos as and I try each piece of the program and see how it goes

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