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As always when in doubt write. So I am writing in the middle of the night. So what’s keeping m awake this late apart from my new tablet on which I am writing this blog.

I recently purchased a new tablet my old one had given away long time back and this is the first blog post I’m typing on it. Hopefully there will be many more.

I am going to put my reading on hold for a while as there is some things I need to focus more on and it’s become a distraction it’s not that I will not be reading but it would be on a specific subject matter that I don’t write here about

One must ask why this decision all of a sudden well it is to help me become more ambitious in certain part of my life which sadly to say I had ignored for a while and it has come back to haunt me again as it. keeps doing it

It’s not that I can’t spare an hour or two per day but the thing is it’s become a debate between and I am doing to many things and some things must take a break so this is the first

I have not written about it here much and how much of it I am going to discuss here is still undecided but I hope to write about it sooner or later

So what am I going to do if not read

  • I have downloaded a couple of courses on technical analysis and I am going to be reading and re-reading materials about that topic
  • Working out a good trading strategies. I will be writing about it here because it’ll help me think better
  • Things that needs to be dealt with because of end of financial year
  • Thing related to my fitness and workout

I’ll try and write one blog piece every weekend Saturday or Sunday from now to keep a journal of things I am doing from now. I probably should do it every day but I probably won’t

I’ll title the post journal and date and also create a category for it. I’ll start keep a daily journal as well in the offline but soft copy way.

Another issue is my wake up time hope to start getting up early from tomorrow as well

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