How to empower Students to think for themselves

We are all worried about our child’s educations. One question that we all ponder is Should I send my child to attend school if they open come October? Can they ensure adequate safety against Covid?

But there is a bigger question that needs answering. How will our child cope after sitting at home for nearly a year and a half? As much as we are focused on what happens come October we also need to prepare our children for the post covid world for if unprepared, post-Covid, it can trample on Our childs education.

It is not about the new school admissions but also Senior classes, college goers, professional courses enrolments, for clarity let me just say all Students

Halwasiya Trust has been working for years to improve quality of education in India. Observing their work I’ve come to a realisation, that it is impossible to improve the quality of education just by providing financial help to institutions or students. It may help bolster their fame with the school they are associated with but it does not contribute towards the quality of education.

There are many reason for students to not perform adequately after completion of their education. Some aren’t just prepared to face the transition between student life to work life. Simply speaking they are not sure what to do next. Since entering school Students are directed by teachers on what to do, How to do it, when to do it. Practically, all thinking are done for them by their teachers and one day they’re told to start thinking for themselves. Simply speaking they don’t know how to Think.

Another reason is that many students don’t get the advice/guidance they need to understand their options. Most of the schools in India do-not have proper counsellors/ student advisor system available for their students and if they have one students are probably discouraged to seek them out as it increases their workloads. This problem has escalated since schools in India don’t have a system of having senior students help guide the Juniors.

Deciding on a profession that matches your interest, aspirations and abilities is already difficult. What makes it more difficult is that their is no one their to guide them in this journey, were stakes are so high that one wrong decision can throw your life on a disastrous tangent.

In Short, the already tough hurdles to choose a good life are made worse because of Covid restrictions. this is a tragedy both for young learners and country

I along with Halwasiya Trust are in midst of trying to create a new age school where we could find ways to help students over come this hurdle for achieving a better life

However, we still face immense challenges especially those that come from within. Some members in desire of instant gratification and fame divert the funds which could be better utilized going into construction of this massive project to the institutions they are associated without any proper knowledge of utilization. Although, me and the trust is fully committed to see the project through these uninformed decision have created further hurdles to reach our goals

All the young students should get the education, advice and counselling they need to help them become capable enough to make the right decisions for their life. And because of Covid and other hinderances it becomes difficult for me to help create a place where we can empower the next generation.

Although education, advice and counselling and the school that I am trying to create will not be a panacea for all that is ill and wrong with our existing system. It may help them by trying to teach them how to make better decision for their own brighter future

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