This page discusses about the Habits I plan to develop and how I plan to go about it. as well as a link to my Habit Calendar. I hope to Write a weekly Journal on the site to update how I have faired in my endevours

Workouts: I had become FAT, OBESE, in past couple of years. So I decided to Join a Gym in December 2021. Happy to say that I am fairly regular and keeping up with my workouts. I clearly Track the time I spend in the Gym in my Habit Calendar

Reading: I need to improve my reading habits drastically so I have to read at-least 1 hour everyday. More about the books I am reading and my reviews kindly go to my reading page. I will update my Habit Calendar to whatever time I spend reading.

Waking up early: It may not sound difficult but it is for me. Since 28/03/2022 I started to wakeup early out of necessity. I am hoping to continue the same in some for or the other

Technical Analysis of Markets: This may not be called an Habit to be Precise but I have always wanted to understand Technical Analysis in its best form. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to finish the books I wanted to


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