Greenlight by Matthew McConaughey

I step in shit all the time and recognize it when I do. I’ve just learned how to scrape it off my boots and carry on.

Matthew McConaughey

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Date Read : 09.06.2021 – 12.06.2021

I had a very special reason to start this post with that particular quote My younger self had a philosophy “shit happens, move on” as I grew older went through the ups and downs of life mostly downs I forgot to move on the opening lines of this book is a stark reminder to me from my younger self especially where he said ” I step in shit all the time and recognize it when I do. I’ve just learned how to scrape it off my boots and carry on.” I also need to remember to “move on”

I liked reading this book very much a lot of time I was reminded of my own life philosophy as mentioned above and below. The book meant for a very light read and a very enjoyable one. It left me wanting for more. How he’s been in this life for 50 years and kept a diary for 35 years. the reason for keeping a diary is to forget and not remember and he went back to those 35 years in paper to write these pages the book felt incomplete to me. I felt there could be more to it

He discussed about his life in as little words as possible hinting at his success and his mistake his decadence but his anecdotes at different points do remind you about your own philosophies

Less Impressed, More Involved

He talks about his new found success after his first movie as a lead and how he was afraid that it’ll go to his head. When I had a job as a consultant in big trouble I got a certificate in my training run when I was on the floor I got some appreciation printed on a paper and I also had 3 drawers on the table with the lock. one day during a routine shifting of places I was placed next to a manager I brought those printed pieces of paper and dumped them in the least most accessible drawer without ceremony while the manager was busy displaying his accolades on the table. when he asked me why am I not putting them on display I simply said it blinds me to see what’s coming next. Never let your achievements cloud your judgement as you move on from the it happen you must also move on from your accomplishment something else I had forgotten in the ups and mostly down life

It seems like this book review became less about the book but more about me that is how I felt as I read this book. this was my first time taking notes while reading a book and invariably i turned inwards at a lot of junctures.

To cut to the chase it a light fun read you might feel like associating with the little anecdotes here and there. Its kind of a rad that you would like to take up when you want to finish a book over a weekend with nothing much to do. In the end I’d like to leave this with few line I liked

cool is a natural law.
if it was cool for THAT time,
then it is cool for ALL time.
a fad is just a branch on cool’s trunk,
a fashionable fling whose 15 minutes can never abide,
no matter how long she trends to try.
cool stands the test of time

The Firemane saga

Myths of the old

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