Free Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

I haven’t updated here in a while. In all honesty I had been busy organising a Free Covid-19 vaccination camp were we bought the covid-19 vaccine from the hospitals and distribute it for free. We got 200 people who needed the vaccine but couldn’t afford it free Covid-19 vaccine on June 7th 2021.

Private hospital were charging an arm and a leg for one shot of vaccine which I did not like. I strongly believe that covid-19 vaccine is, given the pandemic, synonym with health and life and charging so much money for a shot of life is just pure evil. I decided to do my bit for it. Although I cannot buy and distribute vaccine for everyone I was able to do it for a small no. Of people. I’ve never done something like this so it was one massive operation from my perspective.

The fun fact for that day was as my vaccination drive came to an end the Prime Minister came on air to declare that everyone will get free vaccination.

How did the entire thing came to be? Most of my staff were not being able to get vaccinated. When I enquired about the reason. I was shocked to hear that the free vaccination slots were never available and with private hospitals charging Rs.850/- for one shot it’s quite impossible for them to afford the paid ones. Most of the workers I know are bread winners for their family of 4-5 their monthly income barely able to support the family especially in this pandemic driven economy. The cheapest Vaccine which was available for Covi-Shield at Rs. 850/- per shot so two shots per person for a family of 5 cost them Rs. 8500/- nearly half of their monthly salary and for some their full months salary

I wanted to do something about it so at first I needed to arrange for funding which was provided by a trust. With funding secured I began emailing the hospitals to arrange a slot of corporate booking for 200 people. One Hospital agreed to provide me with the vaccine at Rs. 1000/- per shot. I paid for them in advance and got the vaccination date of 7th June 2021. Used social media and contacts to get a list of 200 workers and staff and their familywho were in need of vaccination and got them vaccinated for free.

To be honest at one point I was afraid that no body will turn up for the drive but thankfully most of them did and I was able to find replacement for those who decided to go for a no show


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