Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

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Date read : 19.07.2022 – 20.08.2022

I took my fair share of time to finish this book its not because its boring but I couldn’t read it as fast as I wanted. Like most of the biographies I read I find this one incomplete as well. Incomplete in a sense that it fails to give you the full picture and in all honestly everybody wants their life to be not an open book. But I still gave this book a 5 star and it deserves it

There is fair share of managerial tit bits throughout the book which is what we really want when we read something like this and it delivers on that. Secondly it doesn’t paint the main character as an extreme either ways. He’s good at somethings and bad at others which is given to all humans.

The book started off in a typical manner discussing about his childhood and education and how he had an entrepreneurial mindset from early on touched about thetussle between him and hisfather But the two things that caught my attention was one his belief that something’s that should work will work despite how many people say it won’t you just have to weather the storm. The second thing is ifyou have ingenuity enough in you can make things without it having a hearty price tag

The book goes onto discuss about major ventures of the entrepreneur and difficulties those ventures faced and how they became what they are today. Over all it is a fun reading experience

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