Educated by Tara Westover

Book Review of Educated by Tara Westover

My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs.
– Tara Westover

Born to survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, Tara Westover was seventeen the first time she set foot in a classroom. Her family was so isolated from mainstream society that there was no one to ensure the children received an education, and no one to intervene when one of Tara’s older brothers became violent. Then, Tara began to educate herself. Her quest for knowledge transformed her, taking her over oceans and across continents, to Harvard and to Cambridge University. Only then would she wonder if she’d traveled too far, if there was still a way home.

A griping real life experience of Family abuse and religious brainwashing, and how educations helped her over-come those abuse. It’s hard to put this book once your started reading with. the variety of emotions it bring forth is beyond mere contemplation of some one else life. It forces you to think as a father, as a mother, as a sibling and especially as the ward, How you connect with your child, siblings, or how they connect with you. But most important of all it teaches you if you are in an abusive relationship that their is always help around if you only ask, you are not alone in being abused and how education and a little bravery can help you over-come your abusive relationships. A must read for everyone

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