Digital Vs paper planner, organiser, note taking

I am a bit confused for a while whether to go with a digital system or a paper one. I’ve decided to write about it to help me figure it out. On a side note when confusedm write, not notes, not point, but an essay or as the case is here a blog post, it’ll help you put things in perspective.

On the onset let me mention that I am biased towards paper, because it’s simple just take a pen and paper and start writing and having a clip folder helps you keep that paper in record. Another reason I am in favour of paper, and maybe it’s just me, I get distracted when I am on screen time a lot and make a lot of mistakes, costing me more time. Also there is something about the paper that it feels a little less intrusive.

Even if it seems that I have decided on paper, However, I must say digital has its own advantages, for example reminders, I use for my digital calendar and to do list (no paid partnership as when I am writing it). Reminders, automatic repetition, long range todo inputs are very important requirement for me as well as portability.

One thing, and you may think off it as my superstition about technology, but it fails right when you need it the most.

So I guess conclusion is to rely heavily on the paper but keep a digital backup. That’s no conclusion at all.

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