Classroom – A pivot on which a student’s life turn

Classroom is the pivot on which a student’s life turn. As I started working on a new school project I started with the belief to Revolutionizing the classroom design . I asked how new classroom designs should focus on enhancing student focus.

I learnt about school designs very early on because of my family. We helped lay foundations for girl child education in Kolkata. We started the very first school in a village in West Bengal. As well as a number of schools we helped back in Kolkata. We also built a school project unlike another in its time in Bhiwani

As I visited Schools after schools. One thing that struck me was the shape. How the shape of the classroom has remained a constant. Imagine a box, a square or a rectangle box, that is the old age classroom. Now, in that box, Cram a projector, an air conditioner a smart board in some case computers. I give you the modern day Classroom. It is time I thought to break the box.

For the new Classroom design our Inspirations were places which enraptures their audience attentions like an auditorium. I envisioned better classroom design that will revolutionizing the learning environment. An environment that will help give the curiosity of students a nudge.

More recently, my visits to the schools of Kolkata firmly reaffirmed my beliefs that the classroom designs needs to change dramatically. There were a couple of factors we zeroed in on

The Problem Room

The image has been distorted

The image above represent a modern day classroom. You can see the problems right away and it doesn’t only effect the students but teachers as well. We were determined to destroy this box and recreate a truly modern classroom.

When I got the opportunity to build a new school with full reign on the design development we decided to design the classroom focusing on the 5 senses

  1. Breath
  2. Vision
  3. Audio
  4. speech
  5. feelings

The room needed to be spacious enough so that everyone has “breathing room”. All the students sitting in the classroom should have clear line of vision to a focus area. The environment should be conducive to acoustics for students to hear the teacher and vice a versa without screaming. and all of it should come together to give a relaxing feeling to the teacher and students.

This is what we set out to achieve. We came up with a design that we believed will deliver what I envisioned

P.S. I plan to continue righting on this article a bit more

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