A night in the wild

Into the silence of wild,

and through the night

where the moon shine,

And a million stars alight,

A stillness, a calm, unknown

A life living in undreamed

Where every breath speaks

Where every breath is

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So many heavy thoughts, So little sleep.

The thread of darkness slowly creep

Slithering around in a coil slowly binding

Into the abyss pulling me in

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I pray for faith, and have Faith that on the other side the sun will shine again
I pray for Hope, and hope that when all is done we will smile again
I pray for strength, and find strength to rebuild for my family again
I pray for miracle, and find miracle in togetherness to rise up again
I pray for dreams, and Dream of a happy, smiling and healthy world again.


We are all amidst a global level crisis for past couple

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The Disappointed

I am wasted away.

In a long journey

As a Disappointment

My life was give away

The morning begins

And the night comes

The disappointed

Is which is constant

I tried and tried

To not disappoint

and Now I’m tired

Of seeking approval

I should know by now

The truth that aught

To be clear of failure

Which I am not

The shadow still lingers

The heart still burdened

The darkness now ingrained

And all hope lies

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