The gray I want to be

So thin and vanishing

The line between light and dark

That there is no balancing act

I walk either in light or in dark

It’s a confusing state of life

The difference between two thing

To be cherished or hailed a villain

Either I be servile or do the right thing

Where I am neither light or dark

The gray for which I always prayed

Is a state of neither a hero or a villain

Neither touted nor

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Tired and Weary

The rains are no respite to the weary.
An adage age old but still holds true
My old heart now worn out dearly
And all I have lived for is now rue
To believe was a grave mistake
And to give faith was a graver sin
For all I have received was a stake
Through my heart firmly buried in
For now all has turned to dust
And on Faith, belief, respect or

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How important are words
So much so that using it can turn
Devils into gods and gods into devil
A good soul now in darkness churn
I, a man of, not, few but no words
Lie defenseless against constant barrage
Of words and speech that fester and rot
And a good man now is akin to anger and rage
I quietly pray for guidance and miracles
I pray for a life boat

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In memory of grandfather

White Hair and a twinkle in his eyes
On his forehead streak of vermillion glowing
Sitting there always as I came back home
Through good or bad I found his smile reassuring

The warmth of his gaze a Nod of His approval
Aword of guidance and A bit of Encouragement
I may not remember all that he spoke about
But I sure do remember his love in my heart

Here’s me praying wherever you

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Kisi roz uss gali jaata dikhun main

Toh bata dena ki woh raasta chut chuka hai

Agar kabhi aawaz deta suna main

Toh yaad dilana ki woh rishta toot chuka hai

Phir bhi agar zidd par Adaa rahoon main

Toh dikhana woh zakhm jo peeth par woh dey chuka

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Eerie Silence

There lies in an eerie silence

The tick tock of the clock work

Is the only sound that chimes

And the room is gloom of dark

There in the corner a ghastly

White glow of the night lamp

Reflecting off the grissly

Mirror all gross and damp

Not a breath could be heard

Not a heartbeat to be felt

Even the creek of the hardened

Wood makes you feel dejected

Where now lies the whisper

Of Soft swishing and rustling

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Looking for promised land

How do I move forward.

I feel stuck glued to a place

There is no movement

And the time has lost its pace

The second, the minutes

The hour and the day

Are now all meaningless

For the age is now in decay

Every steps feel heavy

Every breath is hard

Ever thought, every action

Makes me feel at war

I am tired of it all, but

I have to keep moving

Just over the horizon, may be

The Promised

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