can knowing one self help with informed decision making

With ongoing school project with Halwasiya Trust. I am getting an unique opportunity to observe educators and students. I look for these opportunity with great expectations especially since 2020 and 2021 being most difficult years for educators.

I try to find ways in which educators help adapt their students for these extraordinary times. These observations helped me to understand better the decision making process of students. Most of the students in any given school don’t understand the process of making informed choices. This is a serious lack in over all development of our student to launch themselves in professional life.

We really should look at things like identity and personality. We should historicize who they are today by looking at the past and helping them to het a lens to understand what is going on. It is about students to understand themselves as they work to make choice to built a better future for themselves.

A better way to achieve that is combining traditional teaching with a modern approach. Like creating “learning communities” Where teachers could invite students to share their experiences ad knowledge with the class. Or Collaborative group projects to teach current events and help students apply critical thinking

Classroom Designs to boost collaborative lesson pattern. Class room design were students can, not only, have complete attention towards a focus point but also collaboration with each other. The demands created by the pandemic not only for the teachers but students alike. The focus should be to helping them to get through this difficult time and giving them support and flexibility required to adjust to the new scenarios

I am so impressed with so many teachers who adapted to the changes brought on by the pandemic. The goal is really how we can help our students show up for one another in areas the others are not comfortable with

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