After 8 long years of use I finally changed my laptop. I decided to write down all the trouble I was facing while using it before it became a brick

  • Slow as a snail took over 5 mins just to boot had i5 3rd gen processor
  • Camera stopped working
  • Batter use to last only for an hour
  • Laptop needs to be real close to modem to connect wifi
  • I could either use wifi or Bluetooth
  • The fan never stopped when laptop was on
  • Speaker sounds like a broken drum beats
  • Bulky
  • Because of battery life taking it to meetings were a big problem
  • Hard disk keeps getting loose
  • Whenever I plug in a USB device I have to restart for it to get detected

So what did I buy from all the products of the same specs I’ve looked into it’s definitely value for money but it’s still a bit pricey and if I had compromised a bit on the specs I’d have gotten something even cheaper so this is something I did indulged in a bit but I hope I’ll be able to justify it by my own ways

Happy Mother’s Day

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