5 books for Autum Reading

This is the first book suggestions I am posting here. And how I restarted my book journey again with easy to read and not heavy reading. I wanted to create this list in a similar fashion. So the 5 books I am recommending to readers this Autum will contain books that’ll help you restarted on or get started on your reading adventure.

There was a time when I devoured books like I devoured coffee (11 cups a day). As time passed I forgot the simple pleasure and relaxation I used to get reading books not to mention information and knowledge. I got more addicted to smartphones. Anyways lately I wanted to go back to my reading habit so I started of with something simple till I get back to reading

I hope to connect back with a book. I plan to keep a record of it here on my blog with a lot of different habit change

The only Genre I initially wanted to put in was fantasy fiction. I realized that, I haven’t read enough of that Genre or reviewed them here. In the end I decided to select the Five from what I’ve already read.

  1. The Fowl Twin (The Fowl Twin book1) by Eoin Colfer
  2. Deny All Charges (The Fowl Twins Book 2) by Eoin Colfer
  3. The Da-Vinci Code by Dan Brown
  4. A Gentleman in moscow by Amor Towles
  5. The Spy and The Traitor by Ben Macintyre

I wish to write more on my suggestion but for the time I will leave it here as it is

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