I pray for faith, and have Faith that on the other side the sun will shine again
I pray for Hope, and hope that when all is done we will smile again
I pray for strength, and find strength to rebuild for my family again
I pray for miracle, and find miracle in togetherness to rise up again
I pray for dreams, and Dream of a happy, smiling and healthy world again.


We are all amidst a global level crisis for past couple of months. For some who are facing this pandemic of Covid-19 since December 2019 for some of its as recent as last month. some countries are in complete lock down where others are in self isolation but human beings all over the world are suffering India is in lock down for 21 days which was suppose end on April 14, 2020, but the news predictions say that it may get extended to April 30, 2020 and schools may kept closed till June 10, 2020 and I want this post to be a prayer that almighty gives us strength to cope with our situation

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